Our first-ever summer camp was a roaring success! Our younger children's division was headed by Avigail Waller and Raisy Friedman. Avigail is qualified as an OT and has a special sensitivity for disabled children, whilst Raisy had the management and leadership skills and experience to lead the team of counsellors and staff, ensuring a most professional and caring atmosphere for all.

The younger children and girls camps were managed by Mrs Chana Faige Lieber, based in Canterbury. The camp theme was ‘Once upon a Special Story’ with each day taking on a story theme explored through sensory play, themed crafts, games, trips and more. Camp visited Diggerland, Chessington World of Adventure, Godstone Farm, 360 Play, and the beach. The children also enjoyed on-site activities such as water sports, magic show, visit from the fire service and more.

The program was focused on providing differentiated activities for the varying needs of the children, ensuring that something was always available for every child. Our specialist behaviour Manager, Mrs Chani Freudenberger spent many hours ensuring each child’s experience would be the best possible. She ensured all counsellors wore laminated Pecs system charts on necklaces, to help communication. Children bothered by loud noise wore ear defenders so they could participate in activities. Chani was in touch with all the schools the children attend to follow the same techniques used for communication, behaviour and motivators, feeding and manual handling to ensure best care, whilst building on the year-round work of the school.

The phenomenal team of staff and counsellors all worked together towards the same goal: that every child was happy, safe and calm at all times. It was all about the children, and indeed- every child had the time of their life and came home happy and relaxed.

At both divisions, there were special night programs for the volunteers. These included ice skating, swimming, bowling, football, zorba football, barbeques, kumsitz at the beach, etc.

Step by Step would like to thank all the individuals who selflessly gave up their summer holiday to ensure our special children had a holiday to remember, whilst their families enjoyed the essential respite. A huge thank you to all the counsellors, rotators and float staff, kitchen staff, medical staff, photographers, Mr Yisroel Nussbaum for catering the delicious food, Raizel Rosenbaum- laundry manager, Malky Braun- health & safety manager, and everyone else for giving our children a summer to remember.