Winter holidays can be challenging for you as a parent, and boring for your child. The cold temperatures prevent outdoor play and being cooped up indoors all day is frustrating for your child. Sending your child away for a week at our winter camp can be a lifesaver- for you and for your child.

Every winter, we take sixty children away for a week in the countryside. Children revel in this unique social experience, where friendships blossom.

Your child will be cared for on a 1:1 basis by a dedicated, trained volunteer, who will be a surrogate mother to your child. Surrounded by love and affection, your child will thrive in the accepting and inclusive environment, where all accomplishments are celebrated, no matter how small.Camp is divided into two separate groups: younger children together with adolescent girls, and adolescent boys. Both take place at separate premises with programs tailored to the needs of the group’s users.

A wide variety of fun and educational activities are on the agenda every day. The programs are designed to provide plenty of fun, whilst offering opportunities for children to improve their physical, emotional and social skills and to build on the skills they work on all year, e.g. swimming and ice skating.

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