Summer holidays are a welcome break from the stresses of daily life. Everyone looks forward to the summer holidays, and our children are no different. Summer camp is the highlight of their year.

If your child has been to summer camp before, you’re sure to know how beneficial it is for them. And if you’re considering sending them for the first time, we promise your child will love the experience!

For two weeks, your child will get to soak up the sunshine and fresh air. For two weeks, your child will enjoy new experiences every day. For two weeks, your child will feel “regular”, enjoying their summer break just like everyone else.

A carefully selected volunteer counsellor will care for your child during camp. He/she will have been carefully selected from a wide pool of applicants for their ability to give your child the summer of their dreams.

Activities are planned around the children’s needs. A structured program every day provides the consistency your child needs, with the fun and stimulation they deserve.

Trips, activities, workshops, creative arts, sessions and night activities create the unique atmosphere of acceptance, achievement and aspiration.

Having your child safely occupied during the long summer holiday gives you a chance to have a break as well. Whether you’d like to take a family holiday, go on day trips or just relax during this time off, we’ll make sure your child is well taken care of so you can do exactly as you wish during this time.

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