15 adolescent boys enjoy a range of activities and provisions at the Markfield Project every Sunday. The beautiful purpose built premises boast a range of facilities including a spacious garden with adventure playground, soft play and sensory room, and IT room. Your child can choose to engage in the activities they desire.

In addition to free play, a structured program consisting of arts and crafts, baking, preparing lunch, drama session and swimming give your child opportunities for physical development, social skills and independence building.

When the weather is nice, we sometimes take the boys cycling in the adjacent Markfield Park on our range of specialised bikes. When the weather isn’t so nice, the boys enjoy dressing up and singing to a range of musical instruments where they all get a chance to choose a song and lead the session.

The setting provides an opportunity for your child to be part of a team. Only very high need children have 1:1 support, with all other boys being active team players. We have found this approach to work very well for our boys particularly during this crucial transitional stage.

Booking for this event has now closed.