We provide 5 weeks of holiday play schemes per year: 3 weeks during summer holidays, 1 week in the winter holiday and 1 week during pre-passover/Easter holidays.

Children are divided into 3 groups: younger children, adolescent girls and adolescent boys. Each group has a separate program catered to the needs of the users of that group, and taking into account users’ preferences/likes/dislikes.

Activities include animal workshops, creative arts, sensory storytelling, science activities, soap workshop, balloon race, carnival, sand art and lots more. Every day also includes circle time, free play, outdoor play, and messy play.

Other activities include off-site trips to farms, indoor play areas, theme parks, trampoline parks and bowling, and a variety of performances such as juggling shows, puppet shows, clown shows and balloon shows.

Our play schemes are fun and happening places, with non-stop action and smiles all around.

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